At Mr. Do Hair Design Barbershop, our owner Lee Session believes “A happy barber cuts happy hair.”  To ensure that this happens, Lee provides the following for his barbers:

    • A very up-scale shop that is safe & comfortable, with a central vacuum system
    • A barber’s lounge with a computer and exercise equipment
    • An interactive website for marketing/advertising and to allow clients to schedule appointments
    • A full kitchen and eating area
    • A monthly team, business dinner meeting at top restaurants in the area (paid for by owner)
    • Barber attire and general supplies are supplied by the barbershop
    • FREE business cards (supplied by the barbershop)
    • Incentive awards: $200 to the barber that is best dressed and $100 for the neatest cabinet
    • Credit Union membership is available to all barbers
    • 2 weeks vacation each year with $260 paid to barber from the shop each vacation
    • Annual Client Appreciation Party is sponsored by the barbershop to show appreciation for our clientele and to showcase our shop
    • Incentive prizes for clients: Barbershop awards $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond and a $2,000 scholarship annually to lucky clients at the Client Appreciation Party
    • Barber Rent is $110 per week
    • Rent is adjusted each time the shop is closed for bad weather or holidays
    • FREE rent for first 13 weeks and 50% rent for the second 13 weeks
    • At last, a barbershop with benefits! Call Lee Session at 410-732-6165 to express interest in this career opportunity

Minimum Qualifications: Must be drug-free, have a barber license, and cut happy hair.

CALL Lee at 410-732-6165 today!!